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Tech News: Apple’s Own Secret MicroLED Screen is in Development

World’s leading technology giant Apple is reportedly working on taking its users’ experience to next level by developing next-gen MicroLED screen at its secret manufacturing facility said to be close to its California headquarters. Whispering from an internet person suggest that the primary phase will only include design, development, and production of new screens at a smaller scale to collect the data for future, large-scale development.

After being promised to maintain anonymity, a few in-department people said that Apple invested a significant sum of money to upgrade their current OLED to MircoLEDs to be able to produce devices with reduces the width and brighter screen while conserving power. This news has captured the attention of a number of iPhone app development companies.

According to the rumors, Apple jumped in the development of these screens almost a year ago. And after several backdowns and predicament, the development is now going on the right track. However, users might see the new screens coming in at least 2-3 years.

Several iPhone app development services believe the development of the latest screens is taking place in none another facility than the one located in Santa Clara, California, near to Apple’s current major development set up.

While it might seem cool to know that your next Apple devices will be slimmer and have more power saving qualities, the news is terrifying to major OLED screen developers in the world including Samsung Electronics, Universal Display Corp., Sharp Corp, and LG. Their shares went down as soon as the news leaked.

Despite all the motivation, several experts are not sure about the project’s success. There are fifty-fifty speculations whether it will stay or not. Since Apple is always the one determined to stay a step ahead with its technological advancements, chances are it will keep supporting the research and development for years even if it witness failure in initial steps.

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